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Unleashing Innovation Through Affordable APIs: What OpenAI Understands, And Twitter Doesn't

Oct 11 (Reuters) - OpenAI plans to substantially reduce API costs to expand developer access to its AI, contrasting with Twitter's price hikes under Elon Musk. However, Musk claims the increases are necessary to combat bots. Whereas OpenAI fosters an open AI community, Twitter wants to restrict its platform from automated misuse. Musk argues that free API access enables bot armies to manipulate Twitter, spreading spam and misinformation. Thus, he jacked up prices to deter bad actors.  

However, many developers counter that the dramatic cost hike throws the baby out with the bathwater. Legitimate developers building helpful services are barred from the platform alongside problematic bots. A balanced approach is needed.  

OpenAI shows that it can spur innovation while enacting safeguards against abuse. Measured controls on API usage allow broad access while targeting harmful bot activity. Though well-intentioned, Twitter's scorched earth policy risks damaging its ecosystem.

There are merits to Twitter's API crackdown on bots. But the severe impact on developers and lack of nuance raise questions. OpenAI offers a model of expanding API access to unleash new ideas while enacting oversight to prevent misuse. Ultimately, the AI company strikes a better balance for now.

At next month's developer conference, OpenAI will announce reduced pricing and new capabilities to entice more developers to utilize its artificial intelligence. The updates are part of OpenAI's strategy to expand beyond ChatGPT and make its technology indispensable across industries.

Headlining the new developer features will be a stateful API that remembers conversation context, dramatically lowering costs for certain applications. OpenAI will also unveil a vision API enabling AI analysis of images, similar to DALL-E 3 and the GPT-4V system internally powering ChatGPT's new "chat with images" functionality.

By enhancing affordability and versatility, OpenAI aims to accelerate integration of its natural language and computer vision innovations into third-party apps and services. The impending additions to its developer platform promise to be major steps toward making AI ubiquitous in software and bringing the technology's benefits to broader audiences. Have at it, developers!

About the Cover Image

Since my mission is to introduce you to AI topics and AI tools, I want to share how I generate the cover images often for my blog posts. Here is the prompt I gave ChatGPT Plus with DALL·3.


I am writing a blog post that I am sharing here. Make a cover image for it based on the core message: [content of this blog post]


Certainly, Mr. Kabir. I'll create a cover image for your blog post based on the core message. Here are the descriptions that I'll use to generate the images:

  • Photo: An overview of a cityscape with silhouettes of tall buildings, symbolizing the tech industry. Superimposed on the left is the OpenAI logo, shining brightly, representing its approach to API access. On the right, the Twitter logo casts a shadow, symbolizing its restrictive measures. A balance scale in the foreground has weights labeled "Innovation" and "Safeguard".
  • Illustration: A digital realm with binary code flowing. Two gates stand side by side. The left gate is wide open with the OpenAI logo above, allowing diverse developers (men and women of various descents) to enter, while filtering out malicious bots. The right gate, with the Twitter logo, is narrower, allowing fewer entities through, with both bots and developers looking dismayed outside.
  • Vector: A split screen showing two contrasting scenes. On the left, OpenAI's logo with a magnifying glass examining bots, suggesting scrutiny while allowing a stream of data. On the right, Twitter's logo with a barrier, blocking both bots and developers, indicating a more restricted approach.
  • Photo: A roundtable conference setting. On one side, representatives from OpenAI showcase a model labeled "Balanced Approach", with various tech devices displaying innovative applications. On the opposite side, Twitter representatives hold up a sign reading "No Bots", but the table also has empty seats, symbolizing the absence of many developers due to restrictions.

I'll now generate the images based on these descriptions.

Mr. Kabir, here are the cover images for your blog post based on the core message:

  • A cityscape showcasing the tech industry with OpenAI and Twitter logos representing their respective approaches and a balance scale in the foreground.
  • A digital realm illustration featuring two gates: OpenAI's gate allowing diverse developers and Twitter's more restrictive gate.
  • A split screen vector of two contrasting tech landscapes, emphasizing OpenAI's scrutiny and Twitter's barriers.
  • A conference setting with OpenAI representatives presenting a balanced approach and Twitter representatives showcasing their stance.

Of course, I chose one them as the cover. Now is this a super cool way of doing something like this, yes? Is the cover perfect? Maybe not but I can always ask for a more specific way to generate the cover directly, which is what I often do but this just shows you how far we have come with AI that we can add so much more to our writing without having the graphics design skill or time to develop cover art the old-fashion way. This is why there is no excuse today to not write blog posts about things you love. 

Twitter Becomes 𝕏: The 10-Month Journey Under Elon Musk's Leadership.

In the last ten months, Twitter, now rebranded as "𝕏," has undergone a digital transformation spearheaded by the tech mogul Elon Musk. The 𝕏 takeover has brought about many unexpected yet groundbreaking changes. Here's a deep dive into the many innovations and modifications introduced under the new leadership.

Branding and Identity

The platform is now known as 𝕏, a simple yet powerful change that reflects a fresh start. The company leaped forward by incorporating 𝕏 Corp.

Empowering Creators and Advertisers

Elon Musk wants 𝕏 to be the most creator-friendly social media platform. So, he wants to compete with YouTube, the world's most widely used and monetized social media. 𝕏 rolled out an ad revenue share program to support content creators and introduced payments for creators. The eligibility threshold for this program was significantly lowered from 15M to 5M. A user must have 500 followers, a verified blue checkmark, and 5M impressions for the last 90 days to be eligible for the ad revenue-sharing program.

In response to the mobile-first world, vertical video ads were introduced, providing a seamless experience for viewers.  Advertisers now enjoy better engagement and a safer branding environment. The return of significant advertisers to the platform stands as a testament to the improvements made.

Features Galore

  • Community-Centric: Posts from communities are now included in the 'For You' feed, and the Notes feature has been renamed to Articles, which comes without character limits. Community notes now debunk propaganda & misstatements, enhancing the platform's credibility.
  • Media Enhancements: Users can now download videos, and verified users have the added benefit of downloading videos. A faster playback & mini-player, airplay button for iOS users, and the ability to fast forward/rewind videos on X elevate the user experience.
  • DM Advancements: The platform now supports encrypted DMs, voice DMs & tweets, and individual replies to DMs. Furthermore, there's a feature to accept DMs only from verified users, which reduces spam.
  • Engagement and Analytics: The Highlights tab on profiles has been introduced on both mobile and web. Account and post analytics have been significantly improved, providing users with deeper insights.

Safety, Security, and Ethics

𝕏 has made commendable strides in enhancing platform safety. The reduction of child sexual abuse material by 95%, removal of child porn, reduction of scam accounts, and deletion of 90% of bot accounts are monumental achievements.
In an era where digital censorship is a hot topic, 𝕏 has taken steps to restore free speech and remove censorship, thereby staying true to the essence of a social media platform.

The Future is Bright

Many more features are in the pipeline, including ID verification, tipping, payments, voice/video calling, a dedicated video app for SmartTVs, and a semantic AI search. The platform's future looks promising under the visionary leadership of Elon Musk, who will continue focusing on product design and new technology.

Leadership Transition

In a significant move, Linda Yaccarino was ushered in as the new CEO, solidifying the company's commitment to a fresh start.

𝕏 has transformed over the past ten months from rebranding to introducing many features. Under the stewardship of Elon Musk, the platform is poised to remain at the forefront of digital innovation. Only time will tell what further surprises 𝕏 has in store, but if the last ten months are any indication, users and advertisers are in for an exciting ride.

Want to Clean up Your Past NSFW Tweets?

𝕏 allows you to download an archive of all your tweets for the current year. You can request to download it from 𝕏 after requesting it and waiting for 24-48 hours. Then head over to and choose the Twiiter Archive Utility as shown below:

Then click on the Run Now button and follow the instructions on the page to convert your Twitter archive data into CSV format. You can then load the CSV file into a spreadsheet app of your choice and view tweets that are problematic for NSFW policy.

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Strategies for Growing Your Twitter Account from Zero to Hero

With over 300 million active users, X (formerly Twitter) has cemented itself as one of the most popular social media platforms. However, building an audience can seem like an uphill battle for those starting from ground zero.  Growing on X demands dedication and strategy. For those willing to invest the effort, a robust Twitter following can significantly amplify your reach, whether promoting a brand or business or sharing personal insights.

Optimizing Your Account 

First things first: your X profile is your digital storefront. Please make sure it grabs attention. This means having an eye-catching profile photo and cover image consistent with your brand, crafting an informative bio sprinkled with relevant keywords, and linking to your website or other social platforms. A well-optimized profile clearly shows who you are and what you bring to the table at first glance.

Becoming a Valuable Contributor

Prominent influencers emphasize the power of meaningful engagement. This will require timely and thoughtful replies to other tweets and accounts. For those with under 5,000 followers, aim to engage with at least 100 tweets daily. This proactive approach increases your visibility. 

Focus more on liking and thoughtful replies over simple retweets. When replying, strive to be helpful, funny, or insightful. Spark further conversation by asking pertinent questions, sharing relevant resources, and prioritizing genuine interaction over blatant self-promotion. If you need to share a link, consider doing so in a follow-up tweet rather than the initial reply.

Posting Strategy

Beyond engagement, curate a solid tweeting strategy. If you're setting out, it's recommended to post 1-3 times a day. Initially, prioritize deep engagement over frequent broadcasting. 

As you grow past the 5,000 follower mark towards 15,000, your tweets naturally gain more momentum. While you can increase content frequency, meaningful engagement should still be at the forefront.

Upon hitting 50,000+ followers, you're at a "critical mass." This means every tweet holds the potential to echo across X and beyond.

Leveraging Communities and Influencers 

Scout for pertinent communities, trending topics, and influencers in your domain. Engage actively, positioning yourself as a valuable contributor. Consistent, value-driven interaction with influential accounts can pull in followers who resonate with your areas of interest. Consider using X Lists to streamline this engagement process.

Consider Paid Promotion

Organic growth is commendable, but a dash of paid promotion can supercharge your efforts. Explore options like Promoted Tweets and delve into X's ad formats, especially when kickstarting your account. Remember, targeting the right audience is critical for maximum Return on Investment (ROI). 

The Path Forward

Embarking on a X growth journey requires a mix of commitment, strategy, and regular, quality engagement. By refining your profile, engaging deeply, posting judiciously, tapping into communities, and leveraging paid promotions, you're setting the stage for success. With perseverance and the right strategies, you're poised to build a robust and impactful presence on X. Here's to reaching new heights on your X journey!

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The Road to 𝕏 (formerly Twitter) Growth and Monetization: Tips for Small Accounts (under 10K followers)

If you're an account with under 10K followers, the deck may often be stacked against you. But guess what? It's possible to grow your account and start monetizing it, and we have some rock-solid advice to back this up. We've done a deep dive, listening to major Twitter influencers like @LibertyCappy, @WallStreetSilv, @stillgray, @goddeketal, @alx, and @BWay124 to help you pave your path to growth and monetization. 

Here are some of their golden tips:

Retweet Big Accounts: Boosting the visibility of larger accounts is a great way to get on their radar and gain some of their followers. Big accounts have extensive networks, so getting retweeted by them can give you a nice boost.

Skip the Hashtags: While hashtags can help with searchability, influencers caution that they are less effective for engagement than you think. You can use them sparingly and focus more on crafting compelling content.

Ride the Trend Wave: Commenting on trending topics and news can help increase your visibility, but do so genuinely and thoughtfully. Don't just hop on trends for the sake of it.

Find 𝕏 / Twitter trends here:

Find Your Passion Niche: Build your brand around topics you genuinely care about. Your enthusiasm will come through and be contagious to your audience.

Craft Longer Tweets: Tweets limited to 280 characters can be restrictive. Using tweet threads allows you to share longer thoughts and stories that followers can engage with. Aim for that "SHOW MORE" button to hook readers.

Avoid Trigger Words: Be cautious with charged terms that could get you shadowbanned, like "kill," controversial political terms, pandemic-related words, and more. Tread carefully.

Build Your Tribe: Engage deeply with at least 50 like-minded accounts, regularly replying to and retweeting them. These micro-communities are key.

Reach for 100K: Hitting 100K followers is a critical mass where growth accelerates. This milestone also opens up monetization opportunities. 

Persist: The first 10K followers are often the hardest to gain. Stay motivated through this stretch and continue providing value.

Be Entertaining: Many folks use Twitter for humor, hot takes, and leisure. Personality and wit can go a long way.

Don't Compare: Instagram can elicit envy, given its focus on lifestyle. But Twitter offers a more authentic form of entertainment. Have fun with it!

Engage, Engage, Engage: Reply widely and frequently to accounts big and small. Thoughtful engagement is critical to growing your tribe.

Subscribe & Comment: Actively engage with the accounts you follow by replying to their tweets and joining the discussion. Get noticed by big players. 

The Blue Checkmark: Verification is a status symbol on Twitter. Obtaining that blue checkmark can increase your credibility. 

Invest in Yourself: Consider paying to subscribe to accounts you want to learn from or collaborate with. This investment can pay off.

Daily Goals: Shoot to reply to at least 100 tweets per day, as advised by @Mericamemed. This activity can compound.

Stay Alert: Keep notifications on for prominent accounts you want to engage with. Quick replies increase visibility.

Engage with Your Tweets: Replying to your tweets can help keep discussions flowing, but avoid overdoing it. @LibertyCappy suggests up to 20 self-replies.

Content Check: Clear NSFW content and be reasonable with controversial opinions. You don't want to be shadowbanned.

Diversify Your Tweets: According to @stillgray, avoid repeatedly triggering specific algorithms. Switch things up to stay balanced. 

Let It Be: Don't obsess over deleting underperforming tweets. Let them ride and continue providing a variety of content.

Post Frequently: For accounts like @stillgray with over 700K followers, tweeting up to 30 times daily helps keep engagement high. Find your pace.

Quality Replies: Simplistic responses like one-word replies or just an emoji may not cut it, says @BWay124. Add thought and personality. 

Use GIFs: Embedding funny reaction. GIFs can help you stand out and showcase your personality, per the advice of @WallStreetSilv. It demonstrates extra effort.

Subscriber Engagement: When paying subscribers reply to you, prioritize responding to continue that VIP experience. 

It's freaking possible for small accounts to make it big! ✨ Here are some inspiring stats:

  • Accounts with 200-300K followers can earn roughly $5K monthly or $60K annually. 
  • @WallStreetSilv started just 2.5 years ago and now has over 1 million followers. They leaped from 0 to 100K followers in 13 months, then exploded from 100K to 1M in the next 16 months! Interestingly, they weren't even fans of Twitter just five years ago.

The key for budding influencers is consistency, engagement, and authenticity. Remember, every big account started small at one point. Apply these tips to start building your tribe and watch it grow! 🚀🌟 You've got this.