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New Feature: Amazon Review Feed is Now Live

We are super excited to announce the availability of the Amazon Review feed as a source for your prompt apps. Now you can create prompt apps to access Amazon reviews for any product on Amazon! Yep, it is now live.

How does it Work?

First, you can log on to your account by clicking the Sign In link in the main menu.

Once logged in, click on the New Prompt App menu option from your menu, which can be accessed by clicking on your profile image.

Once you are in the new prompt app editor, you can enter your prompt text that needs to be added to the Amazon feed. Once you are ready to connect the Amazon feed, look for a new button called the Amazon, as shown below:

This will open a dialog box, as shown in the figure below:

You can add an Amazon product link from or leave this blank. Remember, if you paste a URL in the popup window, the prompt app will only use that URL for all runs. So, it is best to leave the URL empty so users can paste their Amazon product link. Now click on the Apply button. It will insert the following tag in the current prompt app. 

Make your other choices related to making the prompt app available -- free, paid or private. Then, publish the app. Once published, you can test-run it by clicking on the Run button. Here is an example of an Amazon feed enable app that we are running:

Go to and select a product you want to use for the test. Then, copy the product URL from the website and paste it in the prompt app's dialog window.

Typically, Amazon product links are very long. Here is an example one:

When you paste it in the run dialog, it will automatically shorten it to the following format:<ASIN>

For example, the one shown above as a sample, it will look like:

As soon as we detect that you have pasted an Amazon link, it will convert to the above format and also show two different options as shown in the figures below:

This option lets users choose to apply for the most recent or top reviews. This becomes important for the next option:

You can choose how many reviews you wish to apply to this prompt. The previous filter -- Top Reviews or Recent Reviews -- decides which reviews are fetched in what order. 

Once you choose more than ten reviews, the system will automatically disable live run (red run button) and only allow you to schedule run using the blue (turtle) run mode. Since fetching many reviews takes time, we only offer running large review jobs in the background.

Once you have made the choices, you can choose a run button (red or blue) and wait for the system to let you know when it is done. 

If you are scheduling a large review run, the job will be queued in the background, which you can check from your menu option: BACKGROUND TASKS.  This shows all the background tasks that are queued and all the past ones that ran already.

Here is how the list of background tasks shows:

You can view pending or completed tasks. You can view the results using the View Results button for completed tasks. You can also cancel any pending task using the Cancel button.  When you view results, it brings you to the prompt app page where the results are shown in the Run History section as shown below:

You can view the response of the prompt app as text or PDF document. Also, you can download the anonymized review data used for the prompt run as a CSV file. The product information is also available as a JSON data file,

Can I Compare Multiple Products?

Currently, we limit one Amazon feed per prompt app. We are working on an advanced version of CPROMPT that will allow users to use multiple Amazon feeds to analyze multiple products. This special edition of CPROMPT will serve as a functional demonstration of the advanced apps that you can create in the future. CPROMPT app creation tools are limited in Beta and only allow you to create single-feed apps.

Why Does it Cost So Much?

We have multiple API and compute costs associated with Amazon product review feed data pipeline. At lower volume, we pay higher price. Once we have a higher volume, we will be able to lower the price of the data analysis.