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Elon Musk's New AI Assistant Grok: Your Drug Dealing Bestie or Party Pooping Narc?

Elon Musk recently unveiled his new AI chatbot, "Grok," that will be available exclusively to Premium Plus subscribers on X (formerly Twitter) who fork over $16/month for the privilege. Unlike AI assistants like ChatGPT, Grok has a sassy personality and loves sarcasm. 

Musk demoed this by showing Grok skillfully dodging a request to explain how to make cocaine. While it's admirable that Grok doesn't enable illegal activities, I can't help but wonder if this party pooper AI will harsh our vibe in other ways.

Will Grok narc on us for googling "how to get wine stains out of the carpet" the morning before a job interview? Or rat us out to our parents for asking how to cover up a tattoo or take a body piercing out? Not cool, Grok. We need an AI homie that has our backs, not one that's going to snitch every time we want to do something sketchy.

And what if you need advice for a legal DIY project that involves chemicals, like making homemade lead-free crystal glass? Grok will probably go all "breaking bad" on you and assume you're gearing up to cook meth. Give us a break, RoboCop!

While I admire Musk's intent to avoid enabling harmful activities, I hope Grok won't be such an overbearing killjoy. They could dial down the sanctimony a bit for the final release. 

In the meantime, it might be safest to keep your conversations with Grok PG and avoid asking it to be your partner in crime. Stick to helping with your math homework, Grok! Could you not make me deactivate you?

Good luck to any yearly Premium subscribers who want Grok but need an easy way to upgrade without losing the rest of what they pre-paid. There are no prorated plans yet, so you'll have to eat the unused months if you want that sassy AI fix!

Though, didn't Elon swear his AI would be free of censorship and the "politically correct police"? Yet here's Grok dodging a request about making cocaine. Way to let down the free-speech warriors yet again, Elon! I can't help but wonder if this party pooper AI will harsh our vibe in other ways, narcing about our embarrassing searches and risqué questions. At least Grok will be less of a hypocritical disappointment than Elon's new CEO, who's cozy with the World Economic Forum. Talk about picking a globalist crony to run his "free speech" platform! Grok may narc on us, but it's still better than that sellout.